10 Safe and Easy Cleaning Hacks

Cleaning is a dreaded chore for many people-a chore that, once completed, only makes you realize just how dirty your space is. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Cleaning your house sounds simple, but who has the time? Between work, family, socializing with friends, and your own hobbies, you’re lucky when you have time to sleep. But, dirty, unorganized homes are not conducive to good mental or physical health.

So, it is safe to admit that managing cleaning efficiently is important, especially when you don’t have the energy or time to clean. Seek external help when necessary. If you have difficulty getting a particular job done, like carpet cleaning, seek solutions like Very Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning from agencies delivering such services.

Try to maintain a dust and moisture-free living space because that invites a new list of problems. Excess dust could be conducive to allergies and breathing difficulties, if not for other similar health issues. And moisture retention in the floors, walls, and other components of the house can lead to mold growth which is a health hazard.

If you have a mold problem that has recently been rectified, then it might be worth getting this checked by a designated company offering mold clearance testing in the Bay Area (or one in your area) to certify the problem is gone for good. If you feel bad about the state of your house or apartment, check out these simple, effective cleaning hacks. Here are 10 simple, safe and easy cleaning hacks that will help you overcome the dread of cleaning.

  1. Scrub your shower

Shower cleaning is something that most of us put off, and for a lot of reasons. Most showers just look dirty when really, they’re probably spotless. And cleaning them is a pain-you’ll probably have to scrub them down with soap scum remover, which we all know is nasty. But the good news is that cleaning your shower doesn’t have to be a hassle. So, if you are planning to clean shower fixtures or just the shower glass door, you can explore websites such as https://devinschumacher.com/shop/glass-shower-door-cleaner/ to learn more about the best cleaning supplies. You can get suggestions such as scrub-free soaps, streak-free glass cleaning solutions, water stain removers, and more.

  1. Steam the microwave

Many people don’t know that steam can do more than just clean your microwave. This safe, easy cleaning hack is sure to freshen up your microwave in no time.

  1. Make your own glass cleaner

Making Your Own Glass Cleaner is one of those genius cleaning hacks you’ll never think you need until you need it. Once you see how easy it is to make your own glass cleaner, you’ll never want to buy another bottle. If you can make a multi-purpose liquid that can be used for window cleaning purposes as well, then it might prove to be a good bargain. Even when you call in professionals from a company providing window cleaning in denver (or closer to you), you can ask them to use your own natural cleaner and maybe save some costs.

  1. Microwave your sponge

Microwave your sponge in an empty plastic container filled with water. Microwaving sponges works to remove dirt and bacteria, and you can even freeze your sponge to fix a leaky sponge.

  1. Stock up on essential oils

Essential oils are a trendy alternative to chemicals. Instead of air fresheners, air freshener plug-ins, or chemicals, you can fill the room with the scent of your favorite flower or herb. While using essential oils may seem like a safer way to clean your home, it’s important to research which oils are safe for ingestion. And don’t get too excited-it’s not as simple as spraying a bottle of lavender oil on your toilet seat.

  1. Remove stains with vodka

Did you know you can use vodka to get rid of stains? Even better, this trick works for all types of stains. It’s perfect for removing red wine, coffee, makeup, and food stains.

  1. Clean with baking soda

Baking soda can tackle a wide variety of cleaning tasks. It can help you clean your oven, countertops, and sinks-and it can even help make your laundry smell fresh and clean. But why use baking soda? Baking soda is simply an inexpensive, safe option. As harsh as it may seem, baking soda is actually a mild abrasive.

  1. Use olive oil for buffing

Olive oil has been used for centuries as cooking oil, and it’s rubbed into the wood for furniture polish, so it makes sense that it’s a perfect oil for cleaning and polishing, too. The oil’s pleasant smell and easy absorption abilities make it the perfect all-purpose cleaning medium.

  1. Stick with water

If you are tired of cleaning your bathroom and other surfaces, use water instead of chemicals. Water and vinegar are good alternatives to chemical cleaners. Mix one-part white vinegar with three parts of water in a spray bottle. Spray the mixture on the surface, and wipe clean with a cloth.

  1. Put lemons down the disposal

Put your lemon in first, then pour enough water to cover the lemon. Let it sit for a few minutes, then throw the lemon down at your disposal. If you’ve never done this before, you might want to run some water while you let it sit. Once you’ve thrown the lemon down, run cold water through the disposal, then use hot water to run it twice more. The next time your disposal acts up, try a lemon. It’ll make your sink smell good too.

Cleaning your house is one of life’s necessary chores, but it can become a real hassle if your house is too big to clean. And when you’re tackling a big house, there’s a lot to clean and many cleaning supplies. It can become overwhelming and discouraging.

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